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Cotleigh Commando - A 'Hoofing' Beer!

ABV 4.0% - Available in Cask & 500ml Bottles

Commando Hoofing - Pump Clip Commando Hoofing - 500ml Bottles

Originally brewed to celebrate the return of the Royal Marines 40 Commando from deployment in Afghanistan and to further support the unit that is based in Taunton, Commando Hoofing beer now enjoys widespread acclaim.

When a number of Royal Marines from Termoli Troop 40 Commando RM tasted the beer, they said "It's a great beer with an explosion of flavours from hops to fresh fruit and it's far safer and far more palatable than ones we are used to".

'Hoofing' is Royal Marine slang to describe something fantastic e.g. a hoofing dancer. This beer is certainly that ... Hoofing!

Cotleigh is proud to support the Royal Marines Welfare Organisation and with the new bottle label in Braille, 5p from every pint sold goes to the charity Go Commando.

The bottled beer is available nationally and a variety is also sold in cask - Somerset Commando Hoofing, Lympstone Commando Hoofing, 42 Commando's Bickleigh Bomber Commando Hoofing and Commando Adam's Hoofing Hut in support of the charity of the same name.

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